Saturday, November 9, 2013


A church Service
I used to be an alter boy, yes, during those days when to me, church was all about going, singing and munching holy sacraments.Satan or the devil or is it even God opened my eyes later and what i saw is probably what has been putting my dwindling faith to trial till this second.You know, when the man of the cloth is reported to be holding many private meetings exclusively with people's wives without a tete-a-tete with any men group, it really compromises your faith.When the woman you caught red-handed hurling unprintable insults to a woman next door becomes the chair person, heaven becomes the only place to seek solace.When the market snuff seller suddenly stands at the alter issuing instructions to the larger spiritually malnourished lot, taking to the exit door becomes the only option lest Jesus suddenly comes back. Thief style has someone said he vowed to.When, during a church get together, tea is served to women, terribly diluted sweet concoction to kids and fermented honey to old men, then you have to rethink what a church really is.When this lady always sits besides you and stares right into your eyes more than she sees the preacher, then that is just a tempting disaster in waiting.

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