Tuesday, January 26, 2016


A battle of the elephants in shaping up in Marakwet West Constituency with the incumbent MP Hon. William Kisang facing an acid test from the onslaught of a combined force of Old and new entrants in the political fray.
As usual, as directed by the gods, the messenger of the gods Will move with speed to separate the chaff from the wheat.
Mark these names well: Chepkole, Chemweno and Cheserek. I won't mind if you add Chemelil, the seer of the gods! Throw in Hon. Boaz, Kaptoge and Wes Toro and the political chess board will be complete.
But mark the words of the gods; it will be battle royal between Benson Cheserek, a US based son of the soil from Kapcherop Division and the incumbent Hon. Kisang. Tighten your belts; Star Wars is here!
One factor may derail Hon. Kisang's political life: heavy opposition from his own backyard. Chemweno and Chepkole all hail from Arror and the trio are literal 'relatives' who ail from a ten-mile radius village.
The Marakwet lore has the expression' Keamge akutan'(to eat each other's intestines). This is what is exactly happening in Arror. The fight between brothers seems to have handed Benson Cheserek a field day as he watches this fight from a safe distance.
Secondly, the Kiptooyot Komaas Kasiit flu seems to have caught up with Marakwet West Constituency. Benson Cheserek seems to have read the mood well and has started initiatives targeting the granary of youth votes. He recently organized a major football tournament with Andrew Singh of Northern Carolina in Kapcherop Division and is heavily involved in Gotabgaa activities geared towards empowering the youth through schorlarships.
I can hear some asking: where does that leave Hon. Boaz Kaino? To be honest, Hon. Boaz has near-fanatical following from a political base that dates back to his days as the Principal of a medical college in Nakuru.Nothing will sway this solid base and he is likely to eat into a huge chunk of the political wild-meat.
Third, the political atmosphere in Kapcherop Division and the entire Kuserwa and Kapsowar Division seems to be ready for change. Hon. Kisang will have to contend with this wind. As noted Kapcherop are fronting Cheserek and this rubbishes all the perception that people have over the years been having of Kapcherop being a political bedroom for incumbent leaders. One of pro Kisang Hon Kisang's long time supporters in Kapcherop told this writer that the Kisang team has lost ground massively. " I don't know what these Cheserek has given people in Kapcherop as every tongue is talking him" said the middle aged man seeking anonymity due to his present anonymity and benefits from the current MP.