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The Marakwet:

Stock Photo #1942-1217, Tribal shack MARAK WET  KENIA

These are people who are too noisy to effect any changes in their own community. They neither listen to themselves nor anyone else for that matter. Their rapid-fire talk coupled with their insolence (abusive language), make them the most confused of the Kolenjiin groups. Marakwet ladies on the other hand, are very incompatible in marriage especially to outsiders. They are naturally combative and a husband to them is a necessary nuisance who is equally dispensable like any other belonging in the house. The truth is always bitter, but Maraa ladies knew how to sing the song, “Tawala Kenyaa Tawala” even before they were born. Their incompatibility stems from the fact that they know how to “tawala” their households very well than most. Men from other communities find Marakwet ladies difficult to control due to their persistent fights, constant nagging and domineering in every aspect of family matters.
Everything in Marakwet is gotten by chance and not by design. Children in most cases are brought up in an animal kingdom environment where parental love go out through the window the moment a child is born. If it is not a fight, it is a loud silence-a recipe for stress for either spouse. It is also typical for most Marakwets not to keep a secret even for five minutes. A soon as you are out of sight, he drops the bombshell to the consternation of the narrator. But most of all, they are known for the following morally disgusting characteristics;
o Equally stingy like the Keiyo and fond of boasting as the most generous of them all.
o The community never had any meaningful leaders to date and that is why they have no district hospital. What they have as leaders are nothing other than self-seekers. To show how petty or lowly they are, in an effort to safe face, they promoted a health centre without a resident surgeon into a District Hospital. They know only how to appear on TV cheering other more articulate members of the house.
o It is one of the communities without a Teachers’ College while the leaders are cheerleading for their parties at the national level, forgetting their mandate and no voter is raising a finger due to inherent sycophancy.
o Easily surrenders on an issue and fearful of being a witness in any given case.
o Due to grinding poverty in their community, they are easily recruited into marauding gangs in both villages and towns. Marakwet fraudsters and petty robbers are running the show in Eldoret estates of Shauri Yako, Kimumu, King’ong’o, Munyaka, Langas, Kipkaren and Ilula.
o First people to terrorize Indian businessmen in Eldoret town from 1938 -1993. This heinous crime was perpetrated by three people; Mussion and Lokius of Kowow village and Kururmoo wero Kalawiyan of Kasagat village. These are infamous Marakwets turned heroes at home. What a contradiction?
o Out of six eminent chiefs, one Chesewew was feted by his Sombiriir people. The Endow have failed to recognize the most famous of them all-Pkiror Mursabit; The Cherang’any at least have named a primary school after Kamuseny-their first Maasai Chief; Talai failed to recognize Cherop Chesuum of Samaar; Kobuswo failed to fete Chemwena Chebor; Mokoro-Kisang Chemututt etc.
o Chebo Chebukech of Kabarsiran-the first Marakwet business woman to buy a bus in 1947 plying between Bugar and Eldoret and which forced Chief Chemwena Chebor of Moiben location to buy a pick-up because he could stomach a woman leading in business in the community, has not been feted.
o Marakwets failed also to fete Kibor Talai(Chepseng’eeny)- the first Marakwet graduate of Alliance High 1944 and the second African Teacher at Tambach Teachers College with former President Moi in 1956.
o Chepterit Keture –the first person to teach Marakwets how to do business by being the first to buy a lorry in 1945 and opening a chain of shops at Kapsowar, Tambach, Kimnai, Laboot, Kaptalamwa, Kapcherop, Suwerwa and Makutano (kapingozi).
o Marakwets were naturally born envious and continue to pull down anyone of them climbing the progress ladder.
o Show me a Marakwet who has progressed in any field with moral support of the community? And that shows you what type of material Marakwets are made of (kapchemokisobee).

Post By John Chemaringo

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