Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ruto Visit to Marakwet Ignites Uproar on Bad Roads

Marakwets took to the social media yesterday and earlier today  ahead of the Deputy Presidents visit today. The poor roads condition which has negatively impacted on the economy of the area reigned.
A big chunk of Elgeyo Marakwet county has for a long time lagged behind in almost all aspects of life due to what has repeatedly been termed has government negligence.

The Deputy President will today lead  a JOYWO style women initiative fund raiser organized by Marakwet West constituency first lady in Moi Kapsowar Girls. It however still remains vague whether he will say anything concerning the myriads of tribulations that have been brought by the region's dilapidated roads.

There had earlier been a word that Iten- Kapsowar roads was up for tarmacking but that just remained what it was, a word.

There has however nothing worth depending on from the Area Governor, A. Tolgos and the vocal senator Murkomen.

Sammy Kiplimo wrote  
"Do not be deceived. The presence of William Ruto is of no significance if the fundraising he is attending is to help individual person attain the status which Abraham Maslow calls self-actualisation.
Inasmuch as our roads still remain wet , nothing good about him will I mention.
Those erratic and bootlickers can say what they can say but for me will say Ruto is not a good leader.
I request those job seekers from Marakwet to demonstrate in the town of Kapsowar as a sign of discontent."

Steve Lauryen said  "The Deputy President will be in town (read Kapsowar) today for a fundraiser. I hope our leaders won't forget to put him to task on the road issue"

Abraham Kisut lamented " Barabara kwanza.....DP"

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